Yongey Foundation News - August , 2014

Before leaving for retreat, Mingyur Rinpoche expressed his desire that The Yongey Foundation support the education of the monks of his ancestral monastery in eastern Tibet, Pal Tergar Rigdzin Khacho Targye Ling. A little over a year ago, thanks to your support and generosity, we were able to fund the establishment of a monastic college,"shedra". The program has been a great success, and with your help, they've been able to hire a resident 'khenpo' (scholar). Your generosity will allow the program to remain in session for the entire 10 month academic year. 

In this, the shedra's second year, the monks are studying the classic text, The Seven Points of Mind Training, along with the the traditional topics "Lorik", Classifications of Mind, "Tarik", 

Classifications of Reasons, and "Tsema", logic.


The monks of Tergar sent us a beautiful letter thanking you for your support.  You can read their letter  here


Rainy season retreat - 

The monastery has just finished Yarne, the seven-week rainy season retreat that is held each year.The tradition of Yarne goes back to the time of the Buddha, when the monks and nuns settled in one place to practice and study during the rainy season, when wandering was too difficult. Buddhist monasteries around the world follow the tradition of Yarne. At the end of Yarne, there is a ritual of lifting the boundaries and restrictions of the retreat called "Gagye".  During these few days, the monastic communities relax and celebrate.  Many of the monks of Tergar Tibet will pitch tents in the fields and enjoy picnics and games. Yarne has just been completed and Gagye is just now being celebrated.


Tergar nuns - 

Mingyur Rinpoche's other request before leaving was that we, his community, do whatever we can to support the education and practice of the nuns who follow his lineage. There are well over 200 nuns associated with Mingyur Rinpoche in the region. In the past, the nuns occupied two small nunneries in the area, but these were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. Rinpoche has committed to building a nunnery for these nuns, but at present, the Chinese government is blocking any new development in the region. With no permanent monastic home these nuns have had to travel away from the region to Yachen monastery to pursue their education and training. Yachen monastery is a full day's journey. With the help of Khenpo Kunga's sister, Karma Yangzom, we've begun to locate these nuns in the hope that, before long, we can begin to offer them some support. 


How you can help - 

Mingyur Rinpoche's monastic community is in an isolated and very poor part of eastern Tibet. Rinpoche has asked that we support his monks and nuns in whatever way that we possibly can. With the help of friends like you, we've funded the creation of a monastic college.  In order for the college to continue - to pay the salaries of the khenpo and instructors, and to help support the monks during their studies - we need to raise $8000. Anything that you can offer towards this end would be appreciated tremendously.  


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Our heartfelt thanks to each of you for your interest and generosity. The monks and nuns under Rinpoche's guidance are very dear to his heart. He'll be delighted when he learns of your support.


Tim and Edwin


Tim Olmsted - President, The Yongey Foundation

Edwin Kelley - Executive Director, Tergar International


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Many thanks to each of you for your generosity and support.  Rinpoche will be overjoyed when he learns of your interest and care for his monks and nuns in Tibet.