In 2003, Mingyur Rinpoche founded The Yongey Foundation to support his activities worldwide. These activities have included supporting the building of Tergar Monastery in Bodhgaya, supporting the young monks there, arranging for Rinpoche's teaching tours and the publication of his books. In 2009, the newly created Tergar International and Tergar Asia, took over the responsibility of supporting Rinpoche's teachings activities and his many centers that make up his worldwide meditation community.  


Before leaving for retreat, Rinpoche asked that The Yongey Foundation turn its attention to his monastic communities in Tibet, Nepal, and India.  Mingyur Rinpoche ancestral monastery in Tibet (pictured above) was built by the first Mingyur Rinpoche in the 17th century.  Is it presently home to some 450 monks at the monastery, of which some 150 of them are 10-13 years old. 250 Tergar nuns live in the surrounding area near the monastery. Due to its isolation, and the general poverty of the region, the local community has struggled to support Tergar Monastery.  He has asked The Yongey Foundation to do whatever it can to support the monastery. 


The Tergar Tibet Education Initiative -

This is why we're writing to you.  With the help of Mingyur Rinpoche's principle teachers, Khenpo Kunga and Lama Trinley (Mingyur Rinpoche's senior lamas, who both grew up at Tergar Monastery), we've created a very modest plan to hire a khenpo and a few teachers so that the monks and nuns, old and young, can have a full teaching program in the summer months. Our goal of just $6000, will go a long way towards insuring that Mingyur Rinpoche’s monks and nuns can get the education that they aspire to and need.  If just a small handful of Rinpoche's students would be willing to support this initiative, this aspiration can easily become a reality. We'd like to ask you to read the proposal, and suggest a few people in your Tergar community, or beyond, who might be interested in helping out. 


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Thank you very much for considering this proposal. We'd greatly appreciate any suggestions, or support that you could offer.


    Tim and Edwin


Tim Olmsted - President, The Yongey Foundation

Edwin Kelley - Executive Director, Tergar International





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