May 12, 2015

Dear Friends, 

We wanted to take a moment to give you an update on the earthquake in Nepal.  The situationcontinues to be dire.  You may have heard that just today there was another magnitude 7.3 earthquake centered near Mt. Everest.  Many of the small and remote villages that have been so badly hit by the earthquake are only now being contacted by rescue and aid efforts. Food and water continue to be scarce, and there is a tremendous shortage of the materials and manpower needed to provide shelter and care for those effected. 

Tergar Ösel Ling monastery has been very hard hit. At present, it appears that the main building and shrine room will need to be completely torn down and rebuilt. The immediate concern for the monks has been to attend to the immediate needs of the monastery for shelter and food for the monks as well as in the surrounding communities and villages. It’s been wonderful to see the dedication of the monks of Ösel Ling, and other monasteries in the Kathmandu Valley to providing relief for those in need. 

You in the Tergar community have been extraordinarily generous in the face of this disaster. We’re waiting to get word from Lama Trinley and Lama Lekshey as to the best time to transfer the funds that we’ve received and to make sure that the avenue to get the funds to the intended efforts is reliable.

We can take some comfort in knowing that Mingyur Rinpoche was not harmed by the first earthquake, and that the monks at Ösel Ling are now safe, as is Tsoknyi Rinpoche and his family, along with the nuns and monks at his monastery, Tsoknyi Gechak Ling

Many, many thanks to all of you for your care and support. Everything that Mingyur Rinpoche does depends on your interest and generosity. 

Tim Olmsted
The Yongey Foundation


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